Online Banking Information

Can’t wait for your monthly statement? Want to know your balance at 2:00 in the morning? Out of town and can’t find an ATM?

The First National Bank of Coleraine’s Online Banking service gives you easy, free, 24 hour access to your account details such as balances, statements, earnings and account histories. But Online Banking is more than just account summaries.

Online Banking also provides valuable tools such as:

  • Account Transfers
  • Online Bill Payments (currently unavailable)
  • Issue Stop Payments
  • Calculators: Loan, Retirement, Savings, and Savings Bond for financial planning

Online Banking offers the following services as well:

  • Simple Email Reminders
  • Bank Mail (to communicate with your bank)
  • Account Alerts Option (alerts you when specified account limits are reached or exceeded)

Organized for easy access with a quick learning curve, and backed up by an easy-to-use help system, Online Banking will become one of your most valuable tools in managing your accounts with the First National Bank of Coleraine.

To view a demo of Online Banking click:

Questions about Online Banking or Online Bill Payment? Send us an e-mail by clicking the “Contact Us” link. Or call us at (218) 245 – 1272.

24/7 Convenience

Check your balance, pay a bill or see if a check has cleared whenever, wherever – from any internet-ready computer.

Single Sign-On

View all your First National Bank of Coleraine accounts in one place, including your checking & savings, mortgage and more.

Transfer Money Between Your Accounts Quickly

Move funds between checking, savings, or loan (home equity) accounts (at this Bank) with a few clicks and keystrokes.

Pay Bills Online

This service is currently unavailable through The First National Bank of Coleraine. Please contact us for more information, or click on the following link to sign up for online bill pay with*.

* is in no way affiliated with The First National Bank of Coleraine.

Financial Calculators

Customers have access to the financial planning tools of Loan Calculator, Retirement Calculator and Saving Calculator. Simply by entering the amount of money to borrow (or invest if using the Retirement and Savings Calculator), along with a few other fields; customers can quickly project payment (or investment returns for the deposit calculators). Also, use our Bond Calculator to determine online the value of your Series E, EE, I or S bonds, if you were to redeem them that day.

Registration & Customer Support

Please come into one of our branch’s to register for on-line banking. If you have any questions about on-line banking please call 245 – 4011.