Tools to Protect your Identity

10 Steps to Better Protect your Identity

  1. Never give out financial information such as your checking/savings account number, credit card, debit card or your social security number unless you know the person or organization.
  2. Immediately report lost or stolen checks.
  3. Immediately notify your banker if you receive any suspicious phone inquiries.
  4. Closely guard your ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN). No one should ever ask you for your pin number.
  5. Shred any financial solicitations and old bank statements before disposing of them.
  6. Put outgoing mail into a secure, official Post Service collection box.
  7. If regular bills fail to reach you, call the company to find out why.
  8. If your bills include questionable items, don’t ignore them, investigate immediately.
  9. Periodically contact the major credit reporting companies.
  10. Be especially careful when using a website, you can very easily be “phished”(redirected to an illegitimate website that mimics the website you were on.) Contact the bank immediately if you are at all uncomfortable with a transaction.

Free Annual Credit Report

A free credit report is now available at or call 877-322-8228 or request a form at and mail it to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service,
P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta GA 30348-5281

Help Us Prevent Identity Fraud…

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the country. Our ability to feel safe is becoming more difficult with terrorism and crime on a steady increase.

The USA PATRIOT Act has paved the way for financial institutions to help prevent fraud, identity theft, and the spread of terrorism. It requires financial institutions to obtain more information from an individual or legal entity to help establish identity.

Your cooperation is needed when you open a new account or request a loan. You may be asked more questions to establish and confirm your identity. It may also be required for you to provide one or more forms of identification.